The Dream Ride

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Charity To Be Announced Soon.

The first children's charity for the ride will be announced soon. They are all very worthy and honest causes who really do spend most funds on the children. We can only pick one from the list a year. They may not be the biggest organizations but they are the best and do the most for the kids.
Stay tuned as we hope to have the news to release very soon.
The Dream Ride 12:28 AM


Everything is looking good!
Very excited....biggest doesn't matter!!! We already know that--just want the funds to get where they are are doing great Wooley!
The Dream Ride is truly a very noble project to undertake. I wish you the best. You can count me in.
Thanks vinod and glad to have you aboard. The numbers are beginning to grow.
Thanks to everyones help so far, Word is beginning to get around.

(I take it as a sign from above that the WV for this post says "ulhog")Just had to add that.

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