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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Motorcycle Towing

So, you've done all your trip planning, checked your tires and your oil. Everything is packed and distributed just right on your motorcycle. Out on the road, miles from home, your enjoying life, the sights, smells and subtle temperature changes. Pulling off the road to snap a few pictures and take in the view; then after a short break, get back on your motorcycle. Then you notice your rear tire is flat. Now what! You don't know anyone much less where the next shop is don't have a phone book handy to look one up. What good is your cell phone now?

Well, If you were thinking ahead, you have the number to the good folks at in your pocket. The people over at MTS can get you out of a jam. They will get you and take you to a motorcycle shop to get you going again. With the optional plan, they will even cover your tire, fuel pump, battery and cables. That keeps trip money in your pocket. You can even get special rates at certain motels in case you need a room. Run out of gas or have a battery go dead? Shoot, they'll bring it to you at no charge except for the cost of the battery or fuel. Can you think of any other towing service that wouldn't charge you for the trip out?

So, the next time you plan that weekend or week long trip, make sure to become a member of Motorcycle Towing Service for that extra piece of mind.
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i've been wondering about MTS. are you a member or do you know anyone who is? i would love to know how reliable they are and if they are all that they seem to be.

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