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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Welcome to the Dream Ride

The dream ride is all about helping as many children with medical needs as we can with a Coast to Coast motorcycle ride. The idea is to have as many riders as we can to embarke on a venture from the east coast to the west coast. You don't have to ride the whole way, but may join us in your state and ride along with us at one of the pickup points. There will be more information as we begin to get things more in order.

To tell you more about the ride, please read the following article to give you a better idea.
If you can help out in anyway, shape or form then give us a shout at .

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Now the article,

The Dream Ride

I have a far fetched dream for helping some children right in here in the good old USA.
It is only a dream and will probably never happen without a lot of help but, it is my largest dream thus far. This dream involves the whole motorcycling community.
As it is it would help untold numbers of children that right now , this day , this minute are suffering from cancer , loss of limbs , birth defects , severe burns , and the list goes on. We wish to help as many charities possible with hopes the ride will become an annual ride to help a different organization each year.

My own experience is from my dealings with my son’s care from birth. I see it first hand every time that I go to the Shriners Hospital for crippled children in Greenville South Carolina. My wife and I have spoken with many a parent in this dilemma. Families that have been financially strapped even ruined trying to get help for these kids. Families that have to decide every single day if they can afford to pay their bills , buy food and still get their child what he/she needs. These are not lowlife people , these are desperate souls hanging on for dear life.

The Shriners give medical care for these children in these families who for many, otherwise would not be to afford it. It cost nothing , nothing for a child patient to receive medical care.
Parents are strapped for money to get the help for these children that so many desperately are in need of. Health insurance companies (if the family can afford it) deny so much that is needed for the care of these children all across the USA. I know, first hand , so I am not just speaking from here say that I have heard from others. Yes I know well, how the insurance companies will jerk you around and refuse to pay for certain procedures through technicalities and loop holes. How children that are in dire need of help do not get it because the family , just flat out can not afford the outrageous cost of health care in a supposedly rich nation like ours. Families from all walks of life and income levels. It is a travesty in this great country of ours I’m telling you.

SO , here it is , my dream. I dream to have the biggest , largest , longest loudest , most attention getting gathering of motorcycle riders for children’s charity ever , EVER , in the history of the world. I’m talking bikes and riders of all types. Harley’s , Triumph’s , Hondas , Yamaha’s , custom choppers , Suzuki’s , BSA’s everything. The largest coming together of a motoring group for a single cause to ride a week long ride together. To show people just what a major force we are out here and that what we do counts in everyday life all across this great country. We demand , as asking politely and waiting for the government to really truly and honestly do something goes no where . That something be done about this ever increasing problem. So many in office make empty promises that are soon forgotten after election day is over.
We want this problem addressed , and we are tired of waiting for it to fix itself.
I dream of miles of thundering , screaming , motorcycles all riding at once covering a Coast to Coast ride starting in either North Carolina to California or California to North Carolina which would allow more riders to join in. Hopefully with a large welcoming volunteer party at the end for the riders. Of course nobody would have to ride the whole way but could join in at pickup spots and ride a day or two with us. The entry fee for the ride would be a donation/pledge of $50 to $60 each person which is not much more than the cost of a good meal for two. Bike shops would be needed to provide a place to pickup ride info and participant patches. Every penny going to charity as this ride would have no frills to come out of my pockets. The only item you obtain officially, to show you were a participant in the ride other than memories, would be a jacket patch with all proceeds also going to the charity. The idea would be for all the money to go to the cause of several charities , not some expensive shows to entertain the riders. This would be riding and more riding through beautiful country side with stops at certain points of interest. No pansies allowed as this would be more like a pony express hell bent for leather ride. I would welcome bands and such to donate their services for free for the riders at the overnight camping spots. Who knows who else might show up for free to get their name out there.
I can just imagine all the news media catching on to this ride as it happens and doing coverage. Well hell , if my dream came true , it would probably go in the record books , and you could say you were there.
I’m not talking a few hundred bikes people . No ! I’m talking a few thousand motorcycles with more coming into the ride as it goes along. No way to trailer your ride in this one folks. It’s gotta be ridden the whole way. Can you imagine the sound and the ground shaking as thousands of us rolling along all at once , mile after mile of us , would surely get some attention. Just imagine how know way ... we would be able to go un-noticed . It would also make an impact on people finally looking out for motorcycles on the road. The best thing however would being in the knowledge that we helped a ton of kids. And we had a blast doing it. Bonds would be forged forever with new found friends and memories for a life time.

If I had a poll , I’d set it up for feedback on this. The million man march was a reality, why not this. I just couldn’t think of a better way to spend a weeks vacation.
Send me an email to let me know what you think. Could it become a reality? Anyone want to join up now for a fall 2007 ride???

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The Buzz is out....lets get it going!
Cool idea Wooley - wish I could get to the US to do the ride. What a way it would be to see your country. I will put a link on my blog for ya.
kt, you say the buzz is out. I guess you have been asking questions to see what people think of it. So... whats the feedback been like round your parts?

Thanks, come on over and go with us. Lots of pretty country to see.
I'd do it in a heartbeat!!!!

You are correct, great things come from simple ideas....

Getting the buzz out!!
Thanks Christine for helping get The BUZZ out.
Feedback is good.... we just need to keep it up. Lets get a date... just remember September is the Lady Liberty Ride in NY and the Rolling Thunder in Reno.... lots go there... so we should ride in between these dates.

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